Friedrich Wilhelm 1660

Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde’

Ship’s History

The “Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde”, a German frigate, was built between 1660 and 1661 in the shipyard of Pillau Princpautè by Mr. G.C. Peckelhering.

It’s length was 38,1 meter, the width 9,7 meter, and the tonnage was about 900. The ship was designed for 50 to 60 guns and a crew of 250 men. The “Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde” made several trips: in 1685 from Pillau to Emden, in September 1691 from Emden to Shetland Islands under the guide of Captain Jean Le Sage as an escort for the “Derfflinger”.

On the 25e of July 1692, along with a large fleet, the “Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde” sailed from Emden, Germany heading towards Guinea, Italy. During the trip she and the “Salamander” won a victory over a French ship. At this time in history, Brandenburg was at war with France. In the night of 30/31 October 1692 three French ships fought the “Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde”. With the first cannonades, Captain Jean Le Sage was killed and the ship was set on fire.

The model

This very detailed model is built in 1990 with oak, walnut, cast iron and painted ornaments from brass . Last months I carefully restored the model. Now, in an oak showcase with glass protection, again, she is a fine ship in perfect state.

Model dimensions

Overall Length930mm
Hull Length810mm
Maximum Width390mm
Hull Width140mm