USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Beside building the ‘Sovereign of the Seas’ I’m building Kirk’s epic Enterprise (1:300 scale) including lighting, controlled by multiple microprocessors. Somewhere by the end of june 2021 it should be finished. I will put photos and documentation on the site about this SF-project so if somebody else is interested, he/she will have an idea about ‘my approach’ and maybe even do a better job!

Star Trek Enterprise Background

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A is a fictional starship in three Star Trek films. It made its debut in the final scene of the 1986 film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Visual effects supervisor Ken Ralston had hoped the Enterprise‘s destruction in The Search for Spock would open the door to designing a new model for future films. However, producers for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) decided to have the crew return to a duplicate of their previous ship. Although a new model was not created, it took Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) more than six weeks to restore and repaint the ship to appear as the new USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A. Although the original bridge set had been refurbished and repainted to serve as the bridge for the Enterprise-A , it was scrapped in favor of a completely new bridge set for the fifth film. The sleek “Okudagrams” created for this Enterprise-A bridge were later adopted in subsequent films and television spin-offs. When production began on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994), several interior Enterprise sets, such as the bridge, were redressed for use on the television show. Later, some Next Generation sets, such as the Enterprise-D’s engine room and conference room, were modified to depict interiors of the Enterprise-A.

Motion Picture Starship Characteristics

First Appearance (Star Trek IV)year 1986
Last Appearance (Star Trek VI)year 1991
ArmamentsPhoton torpedoes/Phasers
DefensesDeflector shields
PropulsionImpulse engines/Warp
PowerMatter/anti-matter reaction chamber
Length304.8 metres